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Untied Nations Permanent Forum 2024 Registration Now Open

Important information on the UNPFII participation and registration

Indigenous Peoples' Organizations (IPOs) may be accredited as observers to attend sessions of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII). Based on past practice at the Working Group on Indigenous Populations, Academic institutions may also be permitted to attend. Academic institutions’ work must be related to Indigenous Peoples and relevant to the UNPFII. Think tanks are not considered to be academic institutions.

The Permanent Forum has also agreed that Indigenous parliamentarians and National Human Rights Institutions may be invited to attend.

Given the special theme of UNPFII will also focus on Indigenous Youth, IPOs are encouraged to include youth in their delegations. Please note that all Indigenous youth/minors under the age of 18 years (17 and below) will be issued a “Youth Participant Pass”, therefore, IPOs should request a pass between 19 February until 18 March 2024 by contacting Subject: Indigenous Youth participant.

Online registration is mandatory for all participants by the deadlines. We are not able to accept registrations by email.


Note: The United Nations does not charge fees for participation in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues’ sessions. The United Nations will not pay for any expenses in connection with the participation of IPOs, Academia, NGO representatives in the sessions of UNPFII. Such arrangements and costs are the exclusive responsibility of participants. 

Previous participants to the UNPFII and approved in iCSO system:

Registration for Indigenous Peoples’ organizations (IPOs), Academia, that have previously participated at UNPFII and approved in the iCSO system, is open from 19 February until 18 March 2024 via the United Nations Indico registration system (link will be available soon...).

a. At this stage, IPOs and Academia will register individual participants.

b. The focal point designated in the iCSO system must approve the registration of their delegation. Delegates will not be registered until this step is completed.

c. Confirmation letters will be sent to each approved delegate, by respective focal point, closer to the start of the session. These letters will be sent to the email addresses registered in the iCSO system. IPO, Academia, and NGOs are kindly requested to ensure that their profile and contact information on the iCSO system is up to date and accurate.

First time participation of IPOs and Academia for approval on the iCSO system:

Accreditation for Indigenous Peoples’ organizations (IPOs) and Academia, attending for the first time, is open from 22 January until 12 February 2024 via the United Nations integrated Civil Society Organizations (ICSO) system.

a. IPOs and Academia requesting accreditation for the first time must complete the iCSO System online form, which includes information on their contact details, description of activities and Indigenous Peoples or communities they represent, affiliation with other organizations, mission statement, organizational structure, address; phone; fax; email; website.

b. It is crucial that you designate a focal point at this stage.

c. Once an IPO or Academia has been approved for pre-accreditation, it can undertake the registration process of its individual participants from 19 February until 18 March 2024 via the United Nations Indico registration system (link will be available soon...).


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